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"Members of our Women in Oncology group at the Mass General Cancer Center were thrilled to have the opportunity to learn about 'Self-Care for Healthcare' from Dr. Robyn Tiger. At a time when women physicians are facing increased levels of burnout, it was very helpful to learn from Dr. Tiger the underlying physiology of the stress response, and what practical strategies we can use to reduce feelings of stress, overwhelm, and anxiety. 

Robyn Tiger MD, public speaker about stress reduction, self-care, and lifestyle medicine

I spoke to some of my colleagues after Dr. Tiger’s presentation, and each of us noted that we felt calmer, and ready to tackle the remaining challenges of the day! I highly recommend Dr. Tiger as a speaker on topics related to stress management, self-care, and coaching."

Amy Comander, MD, DipABLM

Director of Breast Oncology and Survivorship, Mass General Cancer Center in Waltham and at Newton Wellesley

Medical Director, Mass General Cancer Center in Waltham

Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Hala Sabry
Founder, Physician Moms Group (PMG)

"We experienced a truly unique relaxation session led by Dr. Tiger, MD entitled, "Relax Rx". Throughout the session, we practiced effective breathing and relaxation techniques that generated immediate results. The group appreciated that Robyn, being a physician herself, could offer valuable and detailed explanations about how these practices impact various physiological and psychological systems. Dr. Tiger's presentation was clearly rooted in empirical evidence and presented in a way that was accessible and well-received by this audience."

Western Carolina Medical Society

"I asked Dr. Robyn Tiger to be a guest expert in my mental health membership program and she delivered an absolutely perfect experience for my members. With her beautiful blend of approachable professionalism, innate calmness and practical tools, she provided a very impactful and supportive session for the women who attended. Robyn is an expert in mindful self-care and her presentations are invaluable."


Dr. Carly Crewe, MD CCFP, Host of The Eunoia Collective

"I saw a group of the most chilled, zenned out residents I had ever seen walking from the education building out to their cars at the end of didactics. They clearly really enjoyed your session and gave it rave reviews. Thank you so very much!"

Ginger Poulton, MD, MSEd

Faculty Physician

MAHEC Family Medicine Residency Program

Clinical Instructor, UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine

"We learned tips for quick stress relief that we could utilize on the job. I created quite a tool box to help me during those moments when work stress and anxiety are interfering with my ability to do my job. I can take a moment in the middle of it all and reach for these tools to help calm the anxiety and frustration. As we continue to face the daily stressors of practicing medicine during a global pandemic and concerns over the high number of providers feeling burnout and planning to retire early, wellness is essential. I highly recommend her for your conference and your personal wellness journey."

Melinda Rathkopf, MD

Allergy & Immunology

American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology Conference

"Dr. Tiger shared with us her experience with chronic stress and her journey of personal healing that now enables her to educate others in the power we have over our minds and bodies, regardless of the situation.”


Amber Orman, MD, DipABLM

AdventHealth Medical Group

Chief Wellness Officer

"I can't say enough positive compliments about Dr. Tiger. Her session was the just right balance of science and practical tools that helped us feel better immediately. I have a neck injury and her exercises felt amazing!! The breath and mind work were equally helpful to destress in the middle of a busy workday. It was exactly what I needed. I went home and my daughter had had a stressful day; I taught her the breath exercises and she felt better right away. I give Dr. Tiger my highest recommendations! If you are looking to have less stress in your life with breath, body, and mind work, please check her work out today!"

Christina A. Arnold, MD

Faculty, University of Colorado School of Medicine

Department of Pathology

"SurgeOn has collaborated with Dr. Tiger for the past few years and her expertise in self-care has shown to be broad and founded on strong principles. Dr. Tiger has proven to be an asset when it comes to the well being of our surgeon partners in a deep and meaningful way."

Jeremy Heffner, MD FACS


"Excellent! Robyn Tiger was very knowledgeable and had a unique and interesting approach to stress. I liked the access to practical and non-complicated tools for self care. And I especially liked learning about ways to incorporate the homunculus framework to relaxation techniques."

Florida Gulf Coast University Healthcare Professionals

Lifestyle Medicine Webinar Series

Wellbeing group online coaching for physicians

"I valued everyone’s contributions and the social connections. It was a good reminder of many things but I learned many new things, especially how to decrease the risk of dementia."

Melinda Rathkopf, MD

"I feel so much better and more empowered not only to be healthier but also to help my patients be healthier too. I never expected this late in my career to feel better both personally as well as to feel better about my doctor skills. I valued being part of a community of physician learners all striving for the goal of better health."

Nora Margolis, MD

"I received so much incredible information that I never knew. I valued the time, attention and love."

BA Svendsen, MD

"I valued the interaction with the other group members, it was so helpful. I am an introvert by nature and by having only physicians, and most in my cohort age, was so important in helping me move forward, not feeling alone, etc. It was my biggest surprise, honestly. I received so much more than I thought. I gained knowledge on gauging my willingness to change and changing my perspective on things. Being intentional in decisions has made a huge difference in my mental health."

Jennifer Orkfritz, DO

"I was post-call (had been up for 24 hours) and drove to the retreat. After the meditation I felt energized, hiked 1.5 miles and had a great post-call day! The following morning I woke up at 6:30am totally energized—that never happens on my post-call day!"


"I received much more than I expected including deep relaxation, fellowship and camaraderie, tips for combatting burnout and stress relief, great food and better relationships!"

"I valued the practical exercises we learned to help with stress management on a daily basis. I would love to come to another retreat again in the future to learn even more techniques to manage stress!"

"I received very specific and concise information about stress, especially as it relates to physicians. I also participated in hands-on sessions that included practical ways to relieve stress which were so helpful!"

"I received a new toolbox full of techniques to help me lead a more stress-free life. I valued learning how to help myself and being surrounded by amazing humans."

"Robyn was an exceptional speaker and really showed me why burnout is important and how, on a physiologic level, stress is impacting me. As a physician, I respected her, Dr. Tiger, sharing her own personal journey."

"I received a life changing way to practice de-stressing. I have started a mindfulness practice that has decreased stress and anxiety to lower levels than I have ever experienced before. I am able to handle much more at work and home. I do feel so much calmer and less anxious.

Personal Self-Care Coaching for Doctors

I valued Robyn’s insightfulness into what I really needed each session. I would pretty much throw all my thoughts about what is bothering me at her and she would figure out what would help the best. She helped me to find strategies for me to help myself become more calm. It has been life changing.


Robyn has a calming presence and is extremely insightful in her coaching. Live 1:1 coaching and her Rx Inner Peace online program have transformed my life. I am calmer, less anxious, and have less chronic pain. I can’t recommend her enough!"

Dr. Alicia C.

"I received practical tools for on-the-go stress management. I valued Dr. Tiger’s welcoming open attitude and extensive knowledge base. The best part of coaching was how individualized our coaching sessions were. Dr. Tiger listened to my concerns and fine-tuned her coaching sessions to specifically address my areas of concern. I am enjoying employing the tools I’ve learned to live a healthier, wholesome and balanced life!"

Jeb Fox, MD

"I really like the way coaching challenged my negative thinking patterns. It showed me how I am really in control of how I am feeling and can therefore change it by changing my thoughts, not by changing my circumstances. I am implementing the thinking structure tools to change my patterns and integrating breathing and relaxation tools into my day-to-day life."

Christina M., MD

"One thing I learned during 2020 was the toll that stress takes on my body.  Learning the yoga and meditation practices that Robyn teaches have been invaluable.  I can't imagine trying to get through the current real-world challenge without this work."

Melinda Rathkopf, MD, Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

Rx Inner Peace Program - On Demand - A Physician's Guide to Self-Care

"The Rx Inner Peace Program has given me so many tools that I can incorporate into my life and has helped me to deal with the stressors in work and life in general in a calmer, healthier way. The evidence-based tools are presented in a self-paced program and the support that Robyn Tiger provides throughout is incredibly helpful."


Jill Halper, MD, Adolescent Medicine

"The grounded feeling I have when I practice the 15 minute meditation in the morning is my special time and a good start to my mornings. The somatic slow movements bring my mind down to a calm pace and have helped tremendously. The lectures are simple to listen to and I also enjoy doing the iRest meditation when I return home to shift 'mental gears'. It has given me a space to process work, family issues and I feel I have more time available to do what I love. Thank you so much Robyn you are truly a gift!"

Sausan Campbell, MD, Internal Medicine 

"I've been so pleased with the results of learning and incorporating daily meditation and somatic yoga into my self-care routine. These practices have brought more balance and ease into my life as a mother, spouse and physician and have helped improve chronic back and shoulder pain. The support and networking with other physicians in the program is an added benefit. The structure of the eight modules is flexible for the demands and uncertainties inherent in busy medical providers' schedules and is self-paced for individuals' needs. The variety of self-care tools including meditation practices, somatic yoga and qigong allows for the practitioner to experience and choose which work best for them." 



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