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Lifestyle Medicine

Online Coaching Program

Whole Person Approach to Well-being

It's time for you to come back to life!


REVIVE! Lifestyle Medicine Well-Being Coaching is coming your way!


It is your one stop shop for ALL of your wellness needs.


Led by Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician Experts

Learn how to be the happiest healthiest version of YOU!

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Whole Person Well-being

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Stress Relief


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Social Connection




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Melissa Sundermann, D.O.
Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician


Robyn Tiger, M.D.
Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Your REVIVE! Experts

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As board certified Lifestyle Medicine physicians, we put our knowledge, expertise & passions together and created a one-of-a-kind coaching experience like no other just for you.


Other programs may focus on just a single category of wellness.


Ours gives you it ALL


We utilize a whole person approach to teach you how to elevate your health, grounded in the evidence-based principles of Lifestyle Medicine.


You will learn about the principles of behavior change, and how to effectively create and succeed at attaining your goals on the topics of:


• Nutrition

• Fitness

• Stress management

• Sleep

• Social connection

• Nature


Plus so much more


We teach the "what, why and how" to achieve your highest level of health, well-being & happiness:

• WHAT is recommended directly based on the most up to date medical literature

• WHY it works -- anatomy and physiology behind the tools

• HOW to do it through hands on learning

Let us customize a program for your group.
(CME Available for Healthcare Professional Groups)

Imagine feeling amazing every day!







Contact us now to start your journey to total wellness.


Health is wealth, and your well-being can’t wait any longer.

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