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My Story

In the 3rd grade, my teacher rolled out a life-sized skeleton and I had a major aha moment. I realized for the very first time that skeletons are not just for Halloween costumes and decorations, but actually are the infrastructure that supports our bodies and at that very moment, I decided I wanted to become a physician.

Fast forward…I spent 15 years practicing Diagnostic Radiology. Not a day would go by that I wasn’t completely fascinated by what that technology provided. I felt privileged to “peer inside” my patients’ bodies and search for the etiologies behind their symptoms and illnesses. But over time, I felt incredibly stressed, anxious, imbalanced and overwhelmed and I developed many symptoms and illnesses of my own. I consulted with several of my medical colleagues, took many medications, had negative imaging studies, and was even in therapy in an effort to improve my mental health…. and….I only got worse. I came off all medications seeking another avenue to health.


I had been hearing and reading more and more about yoga & meditation and, being a gym rat, had always thought that was for people who twisted their bodies into shapes that I thought from my understanding of anatomy shouldn’t be possible. A local studio was offering a “Yoga 101” course so I made a New Year’s resolution with a friend to give it a try and found that my preconceived notions were all incorrect. After the very first class, I felt an unbelievable shift. I experienced a sense of calm and peace that was palpable. People around me began to notice this shift as well. Over time, my symptoms and “illnesses” all resolved. Every last one.


My scientifically trained mind needed to unwrap the mystifying impact of yoga & meditation practices at a deeper, fact-based level. I dove into the medical literature and learned that these practices diminish the side effects and improve outcomes for many medical conditions. In addition, they significantly decrease stress levels which enhance well-being, and even increase longevity!

Next up: mindset. In working with life coaches, I learned how to manage my mind. I came to understand that our thoughts, not our circumstances, determine our feelings, actions & ultimately the results that we create. 


So, looking back…

What was my diagnosis? A severe case of chronic stress.

What was the cure?  Self-care


I felt this newfound knowledge was too important to keep all to myself. I became certified in yoga therapy, meditation and life coaching with specialty certification in trauma. With physician stress, anxiety, depression and burnout on the rise, and having personally lost 3 medical colleagues to suicide, I am deeply passionate about sharing what I have learned with as many physicians as I can. I am here to support you so that you too can relieve your stress, elevate your calm and live your best life!

Robyn Tiger

Medical Doctor, MD, DipABLM
Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine 
Certified Life Coach
Certified Yoga Therapist, C-IAYT
Certified iRest® Meditation Teacher
Registered Yoga Teacher, RYT-500

"I saw a group of the most chilled, zenned out residents I had ever seen walking from the education building out to their cars at the end of didactics. They clearly really enjoyed your session and gave it rave reviews. Thank you so very much!"


Ginger Poulton, MD, MSEd

Faculty Physician, MAHEC Family Medicine Residency Program 

Clinical Instructor, UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine Certified Physician

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