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Online Self-Care Progrmas for Physicians' Well-being


Online Course - A Physician's Guide for Self-Care
Rx Inner Peace Program

A Physician's Guide for Self-Care

  • Short self-paced videos 

  • Eligible for 125 CME credits

  • Earn CME as you go (no post-test)

  • No expiration 

  • Trauma-Informed

  • Evidence-Based

  • Secular

Self-Care Practices for Doctors
Self-Care Shop

6 Short Series to Improve Your Well-Being

  • 4-5 hour series, all include CME

  • Sleep Soundly

  • Breath Buffet

  • Tension Tamer

  • Relax, Reset and Rest

  • Morning Meditation Made Easy

  • Self-Care Survival Kit

"The Rx Inner Peace Program has given me so many tools that I can incorporate into my life and has helped me to deal with the stressors in work and life in general in a calmer, healthier way. The evidence-based tools are presented in a self-paced program and the support that Robyn Tiger provides throughout is incredibly helpful."


Jill Halper, MD, Adolescent Medicine

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