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Self-Care Survival Kit

This 4-hour Self-Care Survival Kit online series contains a combination of different self-care techniques for you to use any time you need to feel calm, grounded, balanced, & in control as well as to improve your overall well-being.  You will learn peaceful breathing tools, somatic movements to release chronic tension in your body, and several different types of guided meditations to help you to both reset during the day or sleep soundly at night. No experience is necessary. Beginners are welcome!


  • 4 calming breathing tools

  • Full daily somatic yoga sequence taught from the floor & a chair

  • 2 different somatic neck & shoulder release sequences

  • Somatic tension release at your desk

  • Guided morning meditation with affirmation

  • iRest® meditation lecture, worksheet & meditation to develop your inner resource

  • 2 guided meditations of varying lengths to use for a reset throughout your day

  • 2 guided meditations of varying lengths for a good restful night’s sleep


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