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Looking for an interactive engaging speaker for your group or event?  Look no further. You found me!

My well-received presentation style combines both didactic and hands-on experiential learning. Your inspired participants will experience amazing transformations by learning actionable life-changing tools that they can immediately implement into their daily life to relieve their stress, build their resilience and improve their well-being!

Speaker Testimonial

Dr. Hala Sabry
Founder, Physician Moms Group (PMG)
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Members of our Women in Oncology group at the Mass General Cancer Center were thrilled to have the opportunity to learn about “Self-Care for Healthcare” from Dr. Robyn Tiger.   At a time when women physicians are facing increased levels of burnout, it was very helpful to learn from Dr. Tiger the underlying physiology of the stress response,  and what practical strategies we can use to reduce feelings of stress, overwhelm, and anxiety.  I spoke to some of my colleagues after Dr. Tiger’s presentation, and each of us noted that we felt calmer, and ready to tackle the remaining challenges of the day!  I highly recommend Dr. Tiger as a speaker on topics related to stress management, self-care, and coaching.   

--Amy Comander, MD, DipABLM

Director of Breast Oncology and Survivorship, Mass General Cancer Center in Waltham and at Newton Wellesley

Medical Director, Mass General Cancer Center in Waltham

Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School

We experienced a truly unique relaxation session led by Dr. Tiger, MD entitled, "Relax Rx". Throughout the session, we practiced effective breathing and relaxation techniques that generated immediate results. The group appreciated that Robyn, being a physician herself, could offer valuable and detailed explanations about how these practices impact various physiological and psychological systems. Dr. Tiger's presentation was clearly rooted in empirical evidence and presented in a way that was accessible and well-received by this audience. 

- Western Carolina Medical Society

I asked Dr. Robyn Tiger to be a guest expert in my mental health membership program and she delivered an absolutely perfect experience for my members. With her beautiful blend of approachable professionalism, innate calmness and practical tools, she provided a very impactful and supportive session for the women who attended. Robyn is an expert in mindful self-care and her presentations are invaluable.


- Dr. Carly Crewe, MD CCFP, Host of The Eunoia Collective

I saw a group of the most chilled, zenned out residents I had ever seen walking from the education building out to their cars at the end of didactics. They clearly really enjoyed your session and gave it rave reviews. Thank you so very much!

-Ginger Poulton, MD, MSEd

Faculty Physician

MAHEC Family Medicine Residency Program

Clinical Instructor, UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine

We learned tips for quick stress relief that we could utilize on the job. I created quite a tool box to help me during those moments when work stress and anxiety are interfering with my ability to do my job. I can take a moment in the middle of it all and reach for these tools to help calm the anxiety and frustration. As we continue to face the daily stressors of practicing medicine during a global pandemic and concerns over the high number of providers feeling burnout and planning to retire early, wellness is essential. I highly recommend her for your conference and your personal wellness journey

-Melinda Rathkopf, MD

Allergy & Immunology

American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology Conference

“Dr. Tiger shared with us her experience with chronic stress and her journey of personal healing that now enables her to educate others in the power we have over our minds and bodies, regardless of the situation.”


–Amber Orman, MD, DipABLM

AdventHealth Medical Group

Chief Wellness Officer

"I can't say enough positive compliments about Dr. Tiger. Her session was the just right balance of science and practical tools that helped us feel better immediately. I have a neck injury and her exercises felt amazing!! The breath and mind work were equally helpful to destress in the middle of a busy workday. It was exactly what I needed. I went home and my daughter had had a stressful day; I taught her the breath exercises and she felt better right away. I give Dr. Tiger my highest recommendations! If you are looking to have less stress in your life with breath, body, and mind work, please check her work out today!"

-Christina A. Arnold, MD

Faculty, University of Colorado School of Medicine

Department of Pathology

"SurgeOn has collaborated with Dr. TIger for the past few years and her expertise in self-care has shown to be broad and founded on strong principles. Dr. Tiger has proven to be an asset when it comes to the well being of our surgeon partners in a deep and meaningful way. "

-Jeremy Heffner, MD FACS


"Robyn Tiger was very knowledgeable and had a unique and interesting approach to stress. I especially liked learning about ways to incorporate the homunculus framework to relaxation techniques."

"Excellent. I liked the access to practical and non-complicated tools for self care."

-Florida Gulf Coast University Healthcare Professionals

Lifestyle Medicine Webinar Series

Featured On:

Book Author

Tiger, Robyn (release date September, 2023). Feeling Stressed is Optional. Aloha Publishing

Contributing Book Author

Tiger, Robyn (2023). Emotional and Mental Well-Being, Assessment, and Interventions. Foundations of Lifestyle Medicine Board Review Manual. American College of Lifestyle Medicine.


Tiger, Robyn (2023). Thriving After Burnout: A Compilation of Real Stories and Strategies to Reduce Female Physician Burnout


Tiger, Robyn. ( Anticipated 2022). Yoga Therapy Across the Cancer Care Continuum (Contributor Stories) Yogic Management of Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy. Handspring Publishing.


Tiger, Robyn. (2021) . Yoga Therapy: Foundations, Tools, and Practice A Comprehensive Textbook.  Physiological Systems Foundations.

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