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Write Your Next Chapter!

Self-Care Coaching

Private 1:1 Self-Care Coaching Sessions


Private virtual 1:1 self-care coaching sessions are specifically designed to meet your unique needs by providing you a whole person approach to wellness at all layers of you: physical, emotional and psychological. You will learn the key pillars grounded in evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine to elevate your health and well-being and increase your longevity! 


Each session is eligible for 1 CME!


*Learn personalized self-care routines & how to fit them into your busy schedule 


*Get "unstuck" by learning how to change your mindset & move forward in your life

We cover:

💡Behavior change 
💥Goal setting 
☮️Stress relief 
🤗Social connection


Create the life you want and so deserve & really enjoy your life!

I will meet you exactly where you are to help you achieve your goals!

It's time to become the BEST version of you!


Let's set up your free consultation!

What clients are saying:

I received a life changing way to practice de stressing. I have started a mindfulness practice that has decreased stress and anxiety to lower levels than I have ever experienced before. I am able to handle much more at work and home. I do feel so much calmer and less anxious.

I valued Robyn’s insightfulness into what I really needed each session. I would pretty much throw all my thoughts about what is bothering me at her and she would figure out what would help the best. She helped me to find strategies for me to help myself become more calm. It has been life changing.

Robyn has a calming presence and is extremely insightful in her coaching. Live 1:1 coaching and her Rx Inner Peace online program have transformed my life. I am calmer, less anxious, and have less chronic pain. I can’t recommend her enough!

--Dr. Alicia C.



I received practical tools for on-the-go stress management. I valued Dr. Tiger’s welcoming open attitude and extensive knowledge base. The best part of coaching was how individualized our coaching sessions were. Dr. Tiger listened to my concerns and fine-tuned her coaching sessions to specifically address my areas of concern. I am enjoying employing the tools I’ve learned to live a healthier, wholesome and balanced life!


--Jeb Fox, MD

Heading 1

I really like the way coaching challenged my negative thinking patterns. It showed me how I am really in control of how I am feeling and can therefore change it by changing my thoughts, not by changing my circumstances. I am implementing the thinking structure tools to change my patterns and integrating breathing and relaxation tools into my day-to-day life. 

--Christina M., MD

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