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Elevating the health and well-being of the whole physician

All retreats, programs and podcast episodes are eligible for CME.

Stress relief coaching for doctors/physicians


How to take care of yourself

You have whole-heartedly dedicated many intense and at times grueling years of your life learning how to care for others.


But at what cost to you? 


The journey of training in and practicing medicine takes an unbelievable toll on your physical, emotional and psychological health. Medscape reports most physicians do not care for themselves on a regular basis. Why? You were never taught how.


I can help!


By filling in your huge medical education gap and teaching you an evidence-based whole person approach to elevate your health and well-being based on the key pillars of Lifestyle Medicine:


Stress prevention and relief

Healthful nutrition

Restorative sleep


Physical activity

Social connection 

Avoiding risky substances 


Know that you didn’t come this far… to only come this far. Medicine trains us away from ourselves.


I am here to teach you how to come back home.




Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician

The Self-Care Doctor

Hi and welcome! I’m Dr. Robyn Tiger, founder of StressFreeMD and lead faculty and subject matter expert in stress management for the Foundations of Lifestyle Medicine Board Review.


Throughout my 10 years of medical training and 15 years in medical practice, I developed a multitude of symptoms and illnesses that led to a deep dissatisfaction with my work and my personal life. I lost a sense of who I was. 


Here is the good news:

I was able to demystify my symptoms, coming to realize that everything I was experiencing was all caused by underlying chronic stress. By implementing several tools that we were never taught back in medical training, I finally found lasting relief.


Feeling that my newfound knowledge was way too important to keep all to myself, I became certified in the multiple disciplines that helped me so that I could best support you, my medical peer.


With physician stress, anxiety, depression and burnout on the rise, and having personally lost 3 physician colleagues to suicide, I’m deeply passionate about sharing what I have learned with as many physicians as I can.


As a trauma-informed well-being expert, I’m here to support you so that you, too, can elevate your overall health and well-being and live your happiest, most fulfilling life!



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Pebble Beach
“We were thrilled to have the opportunity to learn about “Self-Care for Healthcare” from Dr. Robyn Tiger. I highly recommend her as a speaker on topics related to stress management, self-care, and coaching.”

Amy Comander MD, DipABLM

Medical Director, Mass General Cancer Center

Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School

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