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The Self-Care Doctor


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As a physician, you are truly a superhero, choosing a life of service to others. But with that choice comes stress, anxiety, overwhelm, imbalance and over time, burnout. The good news is that you can unlock your superpowers by learning quick, simple, evidence-based self-care tools to feel calm, grounded, and in control any time you need to! Let me share with you what I have learned and have been teaching others for years so you too can live your most fulfilling life and become the best version of yourself! 


"We experienced a truly unique relaxation session led by Dr. Tiger, MD and Certified Yoga Therapist, entitled, "Relax Rx". Throughout the session, we practiced effective breathing and relaxation techniques that generated immediate results. The group appreciated that Robyn, being a Physician herself, could offer valuable and detailed explanations about how these practices impact various physiological and psychological systems. Dr. Tiger's presentation was clearly rooted in empirical evidence and presented in a way that was accessible and well-received by this audience. 

- Western Carolina Medical Society

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The Self-Care Doctor


Life Coaching * Yoga Therapy * Meditation

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