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Relax, Reset & Rest

In this 4.75 hour Relax, Reset & Rest online self-care series, you will learn the principles of iRest® meditation and how to incorporate them into your daily life so you can relax, reset & rest at any time day or night. Individuals who practice iRest® report decreased levels of stress, anxiety, fear, depression, pain & insomnia with improvement in interpersonal relationships & well-being, and a greater ability to enjoy life!  No experience is necessary. Beginners are welcome!


  • Intro to iRest® meditation lecture: Learn the 10 steps of iRest® to process and release unresolved issues in your body and mind for inner peace.  iRest® was initially created for Walter Reed Army Hospital to relieve PTSD symptoms in military veterans. It was found so helpful in relieving chronic pain that the Department of Defense in 2010 declared iRest® a Tier 1 treatment for chronic pain!

  • 8 Lectures on the iRest® steps with corresponding worksheets and meditations

  • 4 guided meditations of varying lengths to relax, reset & renew

  • 2 guided meditations of varying lengths for a good restful night’s sleep

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