I have started this program from a recommendation by my best friend and am thoroughly enjoying it. The grounded feeling I have when I practice the 15 minute meditation in the morning is my special time and good start to my mornings- I have found doing the one hour sessions on the floor or chair give me the maximum benefit both physically and mentally - the somatic slow movements bring my mind down to a calm pace and the physical movements have helped tremendously with my R shoulder adhesive capsulitis- every day I can stretch a little more and feel stronger. The lectures are simple to listen to on the way to work and I also enjoy doing the iRest meditation when I return home to shift "mental gears" so to speak. Overall Dr. Robyn has done a wonderful job with bringing together many modalities known scientifically to reduce the "fight or flight " response within us and induce peace and calm..what I like to say is "ease and grace" from the wonderful heart mudra. It has given me a space to process work, family issues and interestingly I feel I have more time available to do what I love. I am learning a lot daily, even with repeating the same session for the entire week, there is a new way to move, to listen to your body and tune in. Thank you so much Robyn you are truly a gift!

 --Sausan Campbell, MD

    Internal Medicine